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Creating Recessed Shelves

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

I am absolutely obsessed with our new recessed shelves! Here's how we made them:

Our bathroom really needed an upgrade. The entire room was bright yellow (including the ceiling) an unused medicine cabinet sat next to a giant mirror and very outdated vanity.

We removed the medicine cabinet and measured the area. We cut plywood to create a box that would fill the space.

To build the shelves use a pilot hole then screw in all four sides. I used a staple gun for the thinner back pieces.

I gave the shelves a light sanding then painted it using white paint and primer.

Next, I took the pieces of wood that would be used for the shelves and stained them with a dark walnut. I then screwed in the two shelves on the sides of the box.

We placed the shelf into the space that used to be the medicine cabinet. We leveled the shelf using shims and countersunk the screws that fastened the shelf to the wall.

Now we had a decision to make. We could add a border around the shelf to hide the holes, or we could patch up the wall and give it a clean finish

We decided to patch up the wall

After the putty dried we added texture then paint!

We love our shelf! It was a perfect addition to a fun bathroom remodel!

Here are some tools to help you with your next remodel! Keep scrolling for our Youtube Video

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