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The Husband's Secret - Book Review

This book took me on a few emotional twists and turns and I enjoyed every minute.

Let me start by saying I LOVE Liane Moriarty's style. I honestly want to write this woman a letter. Her characters are so relatable and they carry so much depth.

This book contains many of Moriarty's familiar themes of marriage, motherhood, and the complexity of day to day relationships. I especially appreciated the insight this book provides into the life of a grieving person.

If you have read or watched Big Little Lies, you know the thrilling detail Moriarty weaves into her character development. The Husband's Secret provides that same delightful depth.

The novel opens with three women whose lives seem completely unrelated. As the story continues, we begin to see how their stories intertwine. The three main characters are lovably complex, broken, and relatable. You may grow to despise certain personalities, and they inevitably win you right back. By the end, you are left with a deeper feeling of what it means to be a mother, father, wife, husband, daughter, or son.

I read this book in three days. If you enjoy gripping storylines and well-developed characters, this is your next great read.

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