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Guest Bathroom Remodel

Staying cost-effective, modern, and on-trend! Here's how we did it:

First, we removed the shower door, medicine cabinet, outdated vanity, and fluorescent lights. This can be done with a hammer, drill, and a little elbow grease (ok a lot of elbow grease!)

Once the demo was finished we got started painting the room and cutting holes for recessed lighting and a new fixture above the sink.

We added two beams to support the new recessed lighting that went in the ceiling. We then patched up the hole with drywall.

We painted the room with Timid White from Behr. This is the same color as our bedroom and bathroom.

Always wear a mask when sanding and texturing! We sanded down the wall where the large mirror was, then added texture and fresh beautiful paint!

These LED recessed lights can change color temperature and they are a huge step up from that giant yellow fluorescent.

We chose this simple bathroom vanity and changed out the hardware for something more modern.

Check out how we made these recessed shelves here!

We stripped the floor of the outdated laminate and added the same vinyl plank that is in our kitchen and living room.

Finishing touches included a circle mirror, floating shelves, and a new shower curtain!


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