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My Winter Faves

Here are some of my favorite winter purchases!

Winter is finally coming to a close! I am a classic California summer gal and I cannot wait for some BBQ weather. Here are some of the ways I cozied up this year and made my least favorite season more enjoyable!

*This post contains affiliate sales links

Let's start with this comfy cardigan. California winters are confusing. One day you want to bundle up in a freaking snow jacket, the next it'll be 65 and sunny. This is a perfect sweater for warmer winter days when you need a little extra coziness. Throw on a pair of Chelsea boots and you are good to go!

For maximum coziness check out these warm wool socks. They have a ton of colors and patterns. I have two different sets and I wear them constantly.

Pandemic times call for pandemic measures. I have tried lots of different types of masks with frustrating results. I tend to be a plain Jane and got tired of clashy patterns and colors. These masks are breathable and simple so you can protect yourself and others while looking like an adult who has her shit together.

Speaking of the rona. We're all spending a lot more time at home now so why not cozy up with a good book? And why not make that book a polygamy thriller? This was a good one. If you're missing Gone Girl level thrills with a great pace, look no further.

I will always be a board game nerd. This was a Christmas present I gifted myself and I loved playing it with my family. It's a weird game, but the stunning visuals will tap into your creative side and bring lots of laughs.

Lastly, this modern and fun circle shelf. As we continue our home improvement journey I have stumbled upon some fun amazon finds and this is one of them. This guy is perfect for a bedroom or bathroom. I use it for my in-home lash studio.

And those are my Winter faves!

Stay cozy friends ❤

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