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Self Talk

Here are the things I tell myself. It is my hope, sweet mama, that they can help you.

This is not my fault. I did nothing wrong and I need to accept that.

I am a good mom. I took care of my boy for 7 solid months. I gave him a safe place.

My son only knew peace and love in my womb. He never suffered.

Henry sees me, loves me, and wants me to experience joy.

His life ended, but mine can and should go on.

Henry will have siblings who will know him.

I will come out of this stronger, more compassionate, and more joyful than ever.

Henry is always with me. He sees all the beautiful things I wanted to show him. He will never leave me.

My anxiety is real but not always true.

I am surrounded by love and comfort.

God will use me to love and comfort others.

In love and grace,


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