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Lessons in Marketing | Prose Review

I am such a sucker. I see adds on Facebook and Instagram that constantly hook me in. Whether it's a movie, or product I find myself staring at the screen, waiting to be entertained.

I began paying attention to this when I started my own business. I paid particular attention to adds on social media as this is my main medium for connecting with potential clients. There are certain adds I pass on by, and others that engage me enough to want to learn more. What is the difference and how can I apply this to my own business?

I learned a few lessons from my most recent social media purchase. A few weeks ago, I noticed one add that kept grabbing my attention. Facebook noticed too. I began seeing the add more and more until I finally caved.

This is Prose. A custom hair care product. Having done hair for six years, I was interested. Seeing a pretty add pop on my feed day after day, I was even more interested.

If you are a small business owner, or if you do marketing for your company, I would love your input on the lessons I learned from this purchase. Check out my video or see my notes below and let me know what you think!

Lessons Learned:

Here are my takeaways from my Prose purchase

1) Create Something Visually Appealing

Easier said than done right? The Prose add kept grabbing my attention simply because it is visually appealing. The colors and texture were on point as was the general "feel" of the add.

How do we accomplish this? First we think long and hard about our ideal clients and what they look like; conceptually and in reality. How old are they? What do they do for work and fun? What kind of products/services do they already purchase?

Designing adds or IG posts with our clients in mind is not easy, but it is important! Color and texture work together to make us feel a certain way. How do we want our clients to feel? What would evoke that emotion?

Find adds that make you feel the way you want your clients to feel. What do they have in common and how can you accomplish this?

I think these are exercises that can help us up our Instagram game and help our ideal clients find the right service providers! What do you think?

2) Promote Individuality

What I loved about Prose was that it made me feel special. I felt so taken care of because I was delivered a product "tailored" for me. Whether it is actually customized or not, I was already sold because my name was on the bottle.

Starting Lavender Glen has made me interested in what makes a company stand out. Prose has the customized hair care market down to a science (literally). What can you do to make your company stand out in this way?

How can you tailor you business to your individual clients? Is it a handwritten note, putting their name on the product, or giving a thank you gift? I was rooting for this product before I even used it simply because I felt like it was made for me.

This can be something so simple but it can mean a lot to our clients. It could be the difference between someone who simply purchases your product and someone who becomes an ambassador for your brand. It could take you from one sale to multiple if someone loves their experience.

I think that's what we're really selling. It isn't just the product or service, it's the experience. So let's find ways to create an amazing experience for our clients!

I would love to hear your thoughts! Visit me on Instagram @lavender_glen shoot me an email or comment on Youtube!



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