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Bedroom Glam-up

I like green. It's fine, it brings out my eyes, all good. I'm just not a fan of it everywhere.

Last October Drew and I bought our first house (yay!) We are so excited to own a home in Drew's hometown. Soon after moving in, I informed Drew that the green had to go.

Master Bedroom Staged

What I meant was the light avocado colored walls that covered the master bedroom. Whoever staged the bedroom decided to double down and go with a green bedspread as well. Well now Allie's in charge so bye bye green.

I set to work, attempting to convince Drew that what we needed was an accent wall. A dark/blue grey wall behind our bed, with a light grey color everywhere else. Drew was not a fan. We went back and forth and decided to go with white... everywhere At the same time we had to tackle a storage issue. The small closet was not enough for all of our clothes... ok my clothes. Our bedroom came with a 5' wide inlet, which would be perfect for a dresser. We dresser searched for a few days, living out of suitcases and boxes until we came up with a solution.

Say hello to Pax, Ikea's customizable wardrobe. Taking the dimensions of our inlet, Drew and I were able to create a storage space that fit our needs. We placed our order and got ready for that sweet Swedish magic.

Before getting Pax all set up, I needed to paint at least the inlet. I also needed to do the ceiling as the previous owners painted it... you guessed it, green.

When we agreed to paint the walls white, I was really concerned about creating a room that felt like a hospital. So I spent a lot of time at Home Depot, buying paint samples and making sure I got the perfect white. I felt a little crazy, but eventually I fell in love with Timid White from Behr.

After painting the inlet we set to work putting Pax together. Of all our Ikea purchases, this was one of the easiest to assemble (ask me about our couch). After a few evenings we had our storage solution.

After this we finished painting the bedroom, including the ceiling, and set up our nightstands. Our bedroom is nearly finished and we are so happy!

You know you're adulting when consistent wall plates make you happy:

I had so much fun giving our bedroom this glam-up. The room has a ton of natural light and I am so glad we decided to paint it all white. Next we will find a headboard and buy some sheer drapes. I'll add an update once we get those. Until then, we're taking a break!

Yay natural light!

I want to hear about your interior glam ups! Leave a comment here or on Instagram @allierosefelker Cheers! Allie

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