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Bathroom Facelift

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Looking to change your space? Here are a few simple ways we fixed up and modernized our Master Bath!

Here is the Bathroom before we moved in:

The walls and ceiling were painted a warm beige. The vanity was nice, but a little outdated, and there was only one towel rack.

The tile is really nice though! The floor is tiled with small beige squares and the shower has larger blue/grey tiles.

We started off with painting the room. I really wanted to experiment with an accent wall and in this video you can see all my test swatches:

I ended up choosing the same color we chose for our bedroom with a grey accent wall.

I also did an accent wall behind the door which I would not recommend as it is difficult to have two separate colors in small spaces.

Once the paint was dry we changed the towel rack and added a towel ring, a hook, and new wall plates.

I also picked up these hand towels from target.

My favorite piece is this shelf from Amazon. I finally have a cute way to store my makeup after years of keeping it all in a travel bag.

After about a month I figured it was time for another project. I decided to tackle the outdated vanity. I really wanted to paint it dark grey but there was too much warmth in the top. So I decided to go with white and I'm really glad I did!

We spent about $250 on the entire project and we are super happy with the result! It is pretty amazing what a fresh coat of paint and some new pieces can do to modernize a space!

How have you glamed up your space? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram!



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